Have you ever heard someone saying that adding white hat SEO backlinks is the best long-term option for ranking?

Well, they are right.

According to Moz, Google admires a direct relationship between high-quality backlinks and overall search ranking.

So, if you add a decent number of backlinks to your blogs, you will get more chances of generating more web traffic.

However, there’s a hitch.

The strategy of backlinking has changed quite massively since 2014 (the post-Penguin era). Hence, you cannot rank on Google by adding irrelevant links to your content.

Instead, you will need to create a clear-cut plan before trying to use backlinks on your website.

Do you want to know more in this regard?

Then, make sure to stay with us till the end!

Why Is White-Hat SEO Important?

Why Is White-Hat SEO Important?

Understanding the core relation of white hat SEO techniques and backlinks can be pretty confusing. So, it would be better for you to learn about the fundamentals of this strategy first. 

For example, do you know the rules you need to abide by with this procedure? 

Firstly, you should add relevant keywords to your blogs. Otherwise, Google won’t let you rank higher, and your website’s overall conversion rate will become poor. 

Secondly, you should not plagiarize your blog from anywhere. Web pages, which are well fleshed out, tend to retain readers for a prolonged period. 

Thirdly, your content must be easy to read. For that, you can try using shorter sentences and paragraphs in your blogs. 

You should also avoid jargon, as most of the general audience might not know its meaning. 

Finally, the relevancy of your website would depend on the number of backlinks it has gathered. It would work as a vote of confidence, and Google will tag your site as trustworthy. 

But why should you use white hat SEO for your website? The reasons behind this are – 

  • As the best SEO practice, it can help you in improving your search engine ranking massively. 
  • Contrary to black-hat SEO, your website will not be at risk of getting banned from SERPs. 
  • It helps in keeping your website well-optimized and preparing your website early for Google’s new algorithm updates. 

White-Hat SEO Strategy – Tips To Create High-Quality Backlinking

There are several steps that you need to follow to create an excellent backlinking strategy. These are – 

A) Consider Guest Posting

When talking about the most common white hat SEO stratagems, guest posting should be at the top of the list. 

The best thing about guest blogging is that you can do it at the earliest stage of your blogging career. So, if you are successful, you can create a lot of backlinks later on. 

Nonetheless, you need to be quite strategic while considering this approach. 

For example, if you are an owner of a diet-based site, you cannot write on a tech website. Google will consider the post to be spammy because you don’t share the same niche. 

So, if you write guest posts for a quality website sharing the same industry, you can get many helpful links. 

B) Try Using Infographics

As the name suggests, infographics are images that offer information regarding a particular topic. 

Sometimes, reading a blog, especially a wordy one, can be pretty tedious for some readers. So, they will look for something that makes them understand the content’s gist perfectly. 

This is where infographics can make your writing look much better and more informative. 

Besides, combining a guest post with infographics can help you gather several authority backlinks. 

Due to this reason, using infographics has become one of the unique white hat SEO techniques amongst marketers. 

C) Internal Linking Can Be Helpful

When optimizing their blogs, most people tend to overlook the importance of internal linking. However, you shouldn’t make the same mistake as them. 

Using internal linking throughout a website can make your audience stay on your site for a prolonged period. So, you will get the opportunity to increase your SEO ranking. 

It, in turn, can prompt Google to consider you as an authority site. So, other blogs will begin backlinking on your website. 

D) Don’t Forget To Ask For Credit

Whether you are a freelancer or run an SEO agency, you should always ask for credit on your partner’s or client’s website. 

For example, you can request them to keep your organization’s name on their site’s footer. 

Also, try to make it easier for them and put the link by yourself if they agree. You may also try to include an HTML snippet (embeddable) with the same. 

E) Provide Some Linkable Assets

Do you want people to link to your blog or website? Then, you will have to make it worth linking to. 

Yes, you have guessed it right! 

We are, indeed, asking you to use linkable assets. 

A linkable asset can be a video, a quiz, a blog post, a survey, etc. In most cases, people will try to link their website to well-written content. 

So, to improve your white hat SEO, you can try improving your blog structure or write something more data-based. 

F) Opt For Link Roundups

Let’s say some people are creating blogs to link out other quality content. They are taking the data from your already-published articles. 

Doesn’t it seem like a great option to get backlinks? 

Fortunately, link roundups are real and, therefore, can be used for your purpose. 

But, how do you tempt people to create backlinks on your website? Here are some of the steps that may help you! 

  • Try to find out link roundups in your specific niche. You can also use the following search string to help yourself

          “The niche keyword”+link roundup

  • Once you have found someone, you can gently request or ask them to implement your linkable blog post or asset. 

         If the individual considers your post to be an ideal roundup, you will acquire an excellent backlink. 

G) Don’t Forget To Submit Testimonials

Submitting testimonials is yet another of the white hat SEO strategies that most people ignore. However, they can help you create backlinks as well!

But, how does it work?

So, after using a product, you can provide a testimonial to the service provider’s website. 

To prove that you are an actual person, they will add the link to your website in your name. Sometimes, you will not have to ask about it at all. 

H) Go For The Link Reclamation Method

The theory of link reclamation is pretty simple!

Firstly, you will need to find if someone has mentioned your blog or website in their content. Secondly, you have to check if the bloggers have linked to your site or not. 

Now, if they didn’t, then you can approach them and request to add the link. 

It is probably one of the most accessible white hat SEO procedures to get backlinks.

Now, you may ask, “how do I find websites where I have been mentioned?”

The answer is simple – use a program like Mention.com or BuzzSumo to discover the mentions.

After you have found them, you can send a friendly reminder (mail) about linking your website up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Best White Hat SEO Techniques?

The following are some of the white hat SEO that you should use to boost your website’s search engine ranking – 

  • Use relevant keywords
  • Create a well-structured content
  • Make sure your website’s navigation is simple
  • Try to improve your web pages’ loading time
  • Don’t forget to use authoritative inbound links

2. What Are Whitehat SEO Backlinks?

White-hat SEO link-building is a technical approach that helps a website in driving its traffic. The strategy can include using relevant links, writing content for the right audience, etc. 

3. How Do You Build Backlinks On A White Hat?

You can use the following tactics to build backlinks on your website – 

  • Try not to promote your services too much. Instead, offer relevant information for your readers. 
  • Write relevant and niche-specific content. For example, working on a medical blog while your website is all about traveling won’t be helpful at all. 
  • Use as much appropriate data as possible. 
  • Rewrite all of your meta tags for more relevance.

4. White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO – What Should I Choose?

Choosing between white hat SEO vs black hat SEO will depend mostly on your purpose. 

For example, if you have long-term plans for your blog, the white hat should be your go-to option. 

It can help you in boosting your web traffic gradually and consistently. Moreover, you will get more backlinks than usual with this method as well. 

On the other hand, black hat SEO is ideal as a short-term option. Nevertheless, it might get your website banned from search engines. 

5. How Do You Make High-Quality Backlinks?

To make high-quality as a part of your white hat SEO techniques, you have to – 

  • Try building links from different outdated sources 
  • Become a reliable source for bloggers and reporters 
  • Write or publish guides 
  • Create a strategy by using authority resource pages 

Wrapping It All Up

Link-building, in essence, is a never-ending storyline with evolving white hat SEO tactics and strategies. So, you will always find newer opportunities to get a backlink. 

However, our evergreen list will help you as an excellent starting point in your endeavor. Just remember, there are so many ways available to exploit the techniques mentioned above. Thus, in the end, it will be on you to make your strategy work properly.   

Nonetheless, if you are considering another way to monetize your website, you can consider contacting Blog Management

We, as a platform, help bloggers and website owners by publishing blog posts on your website. You will get regular orders for us if you are consistent. 

We will also pay you within the first 24 hours of accepting our contract. We already have more than 3500+ publishers. So, we will be happy to have you onboard as well! 

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