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Are you a Publisher or a Blogger who would want to be a part of the Blog Management platform? If you want to know more about how you can join the platform, list your websites, fix prices for the various services you offer, please fill in the Contact Form below. Our Support Team will reach out to you and help you with the onboarding process.

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BM Score

BM Score is our very own Internal Ranking Standard for assessing the quality of websites. We take into account SEO metrics like DA, PA, Spam Score, DR, UR, Traffic, GIP and Domain Age to provide a score on a 10-Point Scale. The closer you are to 10, the more authority you enjoy.

Featured Listing

Featured Listings refers to the topmost section of the dashboard that our advertisers see and choose the most sites from. If your website enjoys great metrics and prices, we will be showing your site in our Featured Listings to our Advertisers. This increases chances of getting more orders.

Gray Niche

There are several Grey Niches in SEO and Digital Marketing. Casino/Betting/Gambling, CBD, Adult/Dating, and Cryptocurrencies are considered as grey niches. Publishers can let us know whether they accept such links and can even quote a separate price for them for orders.

Offers and Bidding

Advertisers sometimes have offers or multiple postings on one single site. This is done as bulk orders. Publishers need to bid for these bulk offers. The lower the bid, the higher are the chances of getting orders. The bids are calculated on a first-come basis and open for only a limited time frame.

Real Time Metrics

Being a MOZ and AHREFS partner has allowed us to integrate real-time metrics on the Blog Management platform. As a publisher, you do not need to add any metrics for your site. As soon as you add the domain, the advertisers can access your site metrics through MOZ and AHREFS API.

Auto Task Validation

To minimize the risk of mistakes, we have developed an auto task validation system for publishers and advertisers. It verifies the keyword and landing page before submitting and approving the task. If there is any issue, it will show the exact issue which is preventing you from completing the task.

Domain Verification

We have done this to aid and enable site owners with monetizing their own platforms. This also ensures that we are able to establish credibility and transparency in guest posting operations. At Blog Management, we prefer working directly with site owners rather than intermediaries.

Task Health Status

In order to ensure that advertisers do not get mistakes in anchor texts and links, we assess the health of the tasks. If there is a keyword or landing page mismatch, mistaken post removal or problems in indexing, we notify the publishers and advertisers to rectify the same at earliest.