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Voice of Bloggers

Image of Sabina Green

Sabina Green

Very happy with Blog Management. I receive regular orders and they are approved and paid for very promptly.

Image of The Emirates Times

The Emirates Times

I have added 2 website and got order from 2 both website, Thank you for help, I got payment for 1 publication and didn't received for 2nd publication which is

Image of John Mayer

John Mayer

It's only been a month since I joined Blog Management as a publisher and I'm getting pretty good results. As a website owner, I'm always looking for opportunities to make Money and blog Management is helping me a lot in that by providing paid guest post articles. I'd love to recommend Blog Management to those who owns a website and want to make some extra earnings other than affiliate marketing and adsense.

Image of Advertising MContigo

Advertising MContigo

It seems to us that the platform works well. We would prefer to have more payment options.

Image of Rakesh Belliappa

Rakesh Belliappa

It brings together publishers and advertisers on a single platform, making it simple for advertisers and saving time for publishers.

Image of KenKarlo


It's easy and smooth. After accepting a publication request, you can withdraw your money right after it got accepted. I hope it won't change later on.

Image of eightymphmom eightymphmom

eightymphmom eightymphmom

I would like to receive more opportunities for sponsored posts, but the system is easy to use.

Image of WorldWide Entertainment TV Media


So far so good with the system in place. Still in review and waiting to see the payment process.

Image of Igor R

Igor R

Wonderful platform that allows website owners to monetize their website. Love it!

Image of Recipe  Dev

Recipe Dev

Many thanks for working with us on this and we look forward to working with you again in the future.