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9450+ Publishers have chosen BM, Here's why

High Earning Potential

If you have a high-quality website with good metrics, you can earn upwards of $2500 from just Guest Posting alone! Our leading bloggers earned more than $5000 in their best months.

Payment Within 24-Hours

Unlike other platforms that have set dates for making payments, on BM publishers can request payments whenever they want. You request a payment; you get it within 24 hours.

High-Quality SEO Articles

Publishers will get high-quality SEO-friendly articles that will help them improve their site metrics and SEO scores. This will increase their website traffic. Search engines love this content.

Publisher has Final Word

A Publisher can accept an order or reject the same depending on what they feel is right. The platform or the admin will not do anything to take the decision away from the publisher at any time.

Life-Long Relationships

BM believes in building the best, and biggest ecosystem of publishers and bloggers in the industry. More than anything else, relationships matter to the platform above anything else.

24x7 Support to Publishers

Any time there is an issue that needs to be resolved, our Support Team will be there to help you. This relates to anything from substandard content to payment requests and processing.

What Is Blog Management?

Blog Management is a platform that aims to help Publishers, Bloggers and Website Owners monetize their blog. The platform helps them with earning a lot of money by publishing Guest Posts on their websites. Publishers get regular orders with high quality content and instant payment upon completion and submission of the Live URL. In the last two years, Blog Management has paid 3500+ Publishers a total of $1 Million! This is the biggest and most profitable platform to sell guest posts and earn money.

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How does the Platform works for Publishers?

Sign Up and List your Website on BM

Click on the Sign Up button and enter the details. Once you finish the Sign Up, list down the websites where you are the ‘owner’. Listing is an easy process that you can complete within 15 minutes.

Receive the Order Details and Publish

Every time an advertiser chooses your website, you will receive a notification on your dashboard and through email. You need to publish the content with the anchor text and link ASAP.

Share the Live URL on the Platform

Once you are done with the publishing, you need to submit the Live URL on the dashboard. Our team will evaluate and review to see that the anchor text and link are alright or not. This is a very fast process.

Request Payment and Get Paid

Once everything is checked out, you will see the order amount reflect on your Wallet. If you want the platform to pay, you simply need to make a request. The payment will be processed within 24 hours.

Feedbacks from our Publishers on Blog Management

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CEO, Red Hat Media

I have added 17 sites on Blog Management simply because they deliver when it comes to orders! This is unlike any other platform out there. Great support team and anytime payment request. Not like every Mondays of a week or 10th of a month! You request payment and you get it. As simple as that!

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Real Wealth Business

This is the true definition of what make money online should be. Start a blog, get it to achieve some metrics, list it on Blog Management and you are done. I spend 30 minutes every day publishing the orders and get paid $100! I feel lucky to have found this platform after a friend referred it to me.

Image of Sagar


Social Media Magazine

I was hesitant of joining a platform that works through Dashboards. I was more familiar with doing things over email. However, the Support team took me over every small detail and showed me why it is more convenient and easier. Now I can track all the orders and earnings I have made.

Image of Avijit


RSL Online

Over the last two years, I have joined at least 7 other platforms like this. It is true that while everyone says they will give you orders, the fact is you rarely get one or two orders a month. Here, I am averaging over 12+ orders a month for the last 6 months. I am very happy with their payment process.

Consult with our Experts

Publishers might have detailed questions on areas like creating their account, adding their sites and accessing money from their wallets. Our experts and support teams are always ready and available to help them with any of the above concerns.

All you need to do is fill in the Contact Form on the right, write down the details that are asked for and wait for our support team to get in touch with you. We try to address all the concerns of our publishers within 24-48 hours.

Trusted by 9450+ Publishers Worldwide

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