How BlogManagement Works for Publishers

1. List your Website

Click on the Sign Up Button. Fill in the Form, along with all the details. Add your ‘owned’ websites or blogs. Yes, it is as simple as that for publishers to sign up on Blog Management.

2. Publish the Content

Once you complete the Sign Up process and list your website, we will start sending you Guest Post Articles. All you need to do is publish them on your website and blog.

3. Send us the Live URL

After you have published the Guest Post on your website, you are required to send us the Live URL of the article. Once you have done this, we will initiate the payment process.

4. Get Paid for Publishing

As soon as you send us the Live URL, we will process the payment according to PayPal or Bank Transfer, as you have requested in the initial Sign Up Form. The payment is fast, simple and guaranteed.

BlogManagement works with 3000+ Publishers across 100+ Industry Niches with the
Average Monthly Publisher Pay out of $350 USD.

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Why Publishers Love Working with BlogManagement?

100% Original High Quality Content

Every time you receive a Guest Post article from us, you can be sure that the article is original, SEO-optimized and brings value to your readers. Our expert Content Writing Team ensures that every piece of content is top-notch.

Publisher Decision is Final

As a Publisher, you will have the final say on whether you would want to publish a Guest Post or not. If you do not want to, BlogManagement will never force you to do so. You can also proofread the content and ensure that it is of a high-quality.

Privacy and Security

We understand how frustrating it can get to have all your details being shared. On BlogManagement, we promise to keep details safe and secured with us. The Live URL shall be shared with only the Advertiser and no one else.

Building Lifelong Relationships

Once you start working with us, you will realise what you have been missing out on. Our aim is to build a community of publishers and sustain relationships for a lifetime. You can be certain that for BlogManagement relationships matter more.

Content Protection

Advertisers or any outside third party will not have any access to your website. For advertisers, it is only your metrics, which will be visible. Once they have placed their orders for your website, will the same be made public.

6 Reasons why you should Sign Up
as a Publisher on BlogManagement

Access to 1000+ Advertisers

We are proud to regularly work with thousand publishers every month. This means that no matter what your niche, you will always have Guest Post orders every month with regular income.

Choice of Delivery Time

We request publishers to send us their publishing times. This can range from anywhere between 24-48 hours. However, if the timing is good, advertisers place more orders.

Multiple Withdraw Methods

If you want us to pay you by G-Pay, PayPal, Net Banking or any other medium, feel free to let us know. We want to ensure that publishers are satisfied in terms of the mode of payment at all times.

SEO-Friendly Content

Our aim is to help Advertisers and Publishers with the best White Hat SEO solutions. Our expert team of writers always ensures SEO Friendly Content. We can guarantee this to you.

Plagiarism Free Content

All the Guest Post articles are run through Copyscape Premium to check for originality. We also use Grammarly Premium to ensure that grammatical errors do not happen.

24x7 Tech Support

We have a high-performance 24x7 Tech team working to ensure that all orders are placed and received. If any publisher faces any issues, our tech team is on standby to help them.

The more you wait, the more you lose out on earning hundreds of dollars from publishing
Guest Posts on your Website or Blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you own a website or a blog, you can Sign Up as a Publisher on BlogManagement. We place Guest Post orders depending upon the Traffic, Metrics, and SEO scores. Depending on reasonable pricing strategy, we place orders with Publishers.
We have seen that Publishers who price their Guest Post publishing at reasonable rates make upwards of $500 USD every month on the platform. There are hundreds of publishers who have been able to buy cars, pay-off student loans, all from publishing Guest Posts.
Singing Up on BlogManagement and Listing your website is ‘FREE’. You do not need to pay a single cent to Sign Up and list your blog or website. In fact, once you publish the content, we will make handsome payments to you every single time.
When you Sign Up on BlogManagement, we will ask you about your preferred mode of payment. Depending on what you have asked for, we will make regular and periodic payments from your Publisher Waller. You can withdraw the same at any time you want.
As soon as an Advertiser chooses your website/blog for placing guest post orders, you will receive a notification on your Email, Skype ID, or WhatsApp. However, the more you engage with the BlogManagement Team, the better will be the number of orders.

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