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For us, the relationship between you and us is really precious. So, we always aim to respect and protect your privacy. This policy is all about how we gather and utilize data about you and when we are sharing it with any third parties. Whenever it comes to sharing personal information, we will always follow all the applicable laws along with this privacy policy.

This document version is 1.0 and it is valid from . Contact details of data protection officer: Mashum Mollah,

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This privacy policy is all about how gathers, utilizes, and protects every piece of information about registered users. When you are using our site, you automatically consent to the online privacy policy we have. In case you are not willing to agree to this specific Privacy Policy, you should not apply.

Personal Information

At the time of registration in our site, we will ask you to enter your name along with your e-mail address. Unless and until you offer any further information to us of your own free will, we do not collect any other pieces of information.

Personal information includes the following things.

  • Your name.
  • E-mail address.
  • Billing address.
  • Phone number.

Non-personal Information

At the time of registering on our site or when you are going through a press release, these are the two scenarios when we collect data from you. We might also automatically gather some specific data when you use as a guest user.

Device Data

We might collect the IP address of your computer, unique device identifiers, along other device IDs. we might also collect the following data about your device.

  • Browser data.
  • Its language.
  • Its type.
  • Operating system.
  • Country of access and many more.

Some other types of data collected include the ways in which you are interacting with our website. On a variety of URLs, exit and referring pages, landing pages, domain names, etc., we collect the information.

The collected data can include the amount of time you have spent on our website, and the number of clicks as well. might also collect location information, such as GPS data, IP address, etc for improving our quality and arena of service with location-sensitive features.

Third-party Data

We will never deny the fact that we might use third-party providers in order to gather along analyze those collected data. It includes data from your social media account, Google metrics, browser cookies, etc. in order to save all your preferences for future visits, uses cookies. For developing an understanding of your interaction with our website, we also use cookies. This way we will be able to provide much better experiences in the future.

However, we never let any third-party services providers use those pieces of information collected on behalf of us. Those pieces of information only can be used for assisting us conducting along with improving our services. does not transfer, trade, or sell your personal information to outside parties.

We can use the information we have gathered from you for the following purposes.

  • For providing customer services.
  • For personalizing your accounts.
  • For improving services on the basis of the feedback given by registered users.
  • For communicating with you on your account, content along with offering you new products and services.
  • For informing registered users about updates, news, and service information.

Once you are done with, we might send you transactional letters. This usually includes verification along with welcome letters, advice messages, billing notifications, reports, and some other things. We might also send you marketing notices and surveys, which we think might interest you.

General Data Protection Regulation Policy (GDPR)

In the year of , the EU General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR replaced the European directive 95/46/EC. is committed to that same GDPR compliance across the company. We also have already evaluated and implemented the latest limitations and requirements that are enforced by the GDPR. We are totally committed to ensuring that your privacy is being protected in a very orderly manner. Plus, we have carefully reviewed the way we usually gather, keep, utilize, and dispose of all your data with the ambition of provision of SEO, online advertising, or any other providings by our services.

Information Security

For us, the security of your personal information is a top priority. assumes all sorts of safety standards for protecting your personal data pieces from misuse, loss, or theft. However, it is really unfortunate that no data storage or transmission over the internet is 100% secure. cannot warrant or ensure the absolute security of any information you are submitting to us. You are admitting that you are doing it at your own risk. So, you will remain responsible for protecting your username along with the password over the internet.

Executing your rights to data

Here is the list of rights specified in regulations.

  • The right to data portability.
  • The right to be informed.
  • The right of data subject to rectification.
  • The right of data subject of access.
  • The right of data subject to restriction of processing.
  • The right to object data processing.

For executing your rights, you are requested to contact us via email, Here, you are requested to use the same email you have used to register in, as we are required to perform a customer identification process. We will always respond within 30 days to the request you have raised. You are told to keep one thing in mind, that can retain personal data of customers as well as additional documents for the particular purpose of detecting, preventing, and investigating by the component authorities, terrorist financing, or possible money laundering.

In case a customer or client requesting for manifestly unfounded or excessive, we always go for reserving the right to refuse to act on the particular request or tend to impose an administrative fee.

In case you are feeling that your rights are not being fulfilled in a proper manner, you always have the option of contacting the Data Protection Officer

Cookie policy

Cookies are basically nothing but a small piece of information, which automatically gets saved in your browser storage. Basically, they are being used for improving the customer experience in pages along with helping third-party services in order to work properly. utilizes cookies extensively in both the product page and public page. A huge part of the third-party providers that we use usually set cookies in the customer browser for facilitating their services. However, your private data is never being stored in cookies, anonymous identifiers, or any other preferences. Data retention usually depends on the cookie policy. But it will never be more than 24 months.

Privacy policy changes

Blog Management reserves the right to adapt and change in terms of policies. When we provide any changes, we revise the updated date to make others aware of the changes. The latest version of it is always at the if there are any crucial changes to policies Blog Management notifies you via mail.