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As someone who has personally been a blogger and a publisher for the last ten-odd years, we have noticed a few things unfold:

  • A drastic and incremental increase in the number of blogs and bloggers every year
  • An explosion of brands, agencies and SEOs looking for credible blogs and websites
  • The failure of bloggers and publishers to get access to the right advertisers
  • Limitations of bloggers when it comes to monetization of their websites
  • Bloggers and Publishers not being able to create a profitable business ecosystem

Everyone keeps saying how starting a Blog is easy, and monetizing the same is easier. However, being in the industry for over ten years, we know the amount of work it takes to improve metrics, get the right kind of content and successful monetization.

We created the platform Blog Management based on our experiences- both the good ones, as well not-so-good ones. Our aim was to create a platform, which would help open up a steady stream of revenue and cash flows for bloggers and publishers.

By publishing Guest Posts, Product Reviews, Sponsored Articles and Text Link Insertions, Publishers on Blog Management Platform can hope to earn upwards of $1K per month! This is not something, which is impossible. In fact, we have five publishers who have great websites and are routinely that figure every single month.

In the last ten years, we have worked with 1000+ advertisers (brands, agencies and SEO resellers). This has helped us create lasting professional relationships, where trust, good faith and mutual benefit are the foundations.

We would want to use our built up social, professional and economic currency to help other bloggers and publishers earn the most from the platform. If you want to be a part of the Blog Management Platform, please visit blogmanagement.io/register