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Blog Management is a platform that allows publishers, bloggers and website owners to earn money by placing content. It is a trustworthy and credible platform that allows you to sell guest posts and sponsored content in a legitimate way. Website owners can add their websites on the platform and get paid for publishing content. Blog Management helps website owners monetize their blogs and websites by opening up a steady revenue stream.

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A Real Platform Driven by Real Agency Professionals

Blog Management was founded by Mashum Mollah with a simple and clear intention- To Help Publishers. His team and he have been at the forefront of providing Guest Posting to Brands and Agencies for the last seven years. Blog Management has been created to address the overwhelming lack of trust that exists in the Guest Posting industry. The platform is an ecosystem that helps in bringing all the benefits of selling guest posts to publishers.

Mashum Mollah and his team realized that publishers, bloggers and website owners are being unable to monetize their websites effectively because of certain problems. This is why he came up with Blog Management as a platform that presents the solutions to all problems.



Publishers spend a lot of time to promote their websites on social platforms or on cold outreach to get leads. This distracts them for their own website maintenance and order management duties.
On Blog Management, we market and publicize your blog. We do this through PPC, Emails, Social Media, and more. This means that you can invest time on improving your website, while leaving orders to us.
There are numerous instances of publishers placing content, but not getting paid for the same. While the link and content might be removed, the effort goes to waste. This is something that everyone wants to avoid.
Being publishers ourselves, we ensure that the publisher has been paid, no matter if the deal does not happen for one reason or another. There is 100% guarantee for payments all the time for publishers.
Many individuals and brands not aware of Google content guidelines and send plagiarized or thin content for publishing. Google’s algorithms catch copied content and get manual action.
Our expert Content Team reviews the content and then places it with publishers. If the publisher requests us for increasing word length, or formatting the content, we do that- no questions asked.
There is an uncertainty in the number of orders that publishers might receive in a month. As a result, publishers cannot expect regular income from their website or blog. This is a serious problem for publishers.
If you are a part of Blog Management and abide by our pricing best practices, you can expect regular orders throughout the month. Our best publishers receive 20-30 orders from us every single month.
There is a need to maintain and track numerous orders and payments from different clients. Keeping a complete record on excel sheets, email or drive is time-consuming and the chances of losing data is always there.
On the platform, every Publisher has their own dashboard. You can view all payments, invoices, order details and more. This means that all your orders and payments are maintained in a structured manner in one single place. You cannot lose them!
Publishers are not able to differentiate between credible agencies, brands and resellers over emails. This distrust or failure to identify credible clients or buyers makes publishers lose business prospects.
Blog Management is a brand that is authentic, genuine and credible. We have invested thousands of dollars in making the business stand. Our platforms, dashboard and marketing budgets attest our credibility.
Sharing your websites actual pricing over multiple channels like Facebook Groups, Emails and Freelancing platforms becomes difficult. Since clients are everywhere pricing becomes imprecise.
In order to overcome the problem of imprecise pricing, the Blog Management platform has been created. Your price becomes distinct and allows you top calculate your earnings and revenues.
There are numerous follow ups that publishers need to make with clients for payments. Every client has a different model of making payments making it difficult for the publisher. This takes up a lot of time, energy and effort.
On the platform, publishers can expect payments any time they please. As soon as you have money in your wallet, you can request for payments. We make payments 24x7, 365 days of the year! This is unlike platforms that have exact days set for this.
Being on freelancing platforms takes a lot of time to generate leads. In other words, being successful on them is not easy. Additionally, these platforms charge 10%-20% fee and commissions that reduce the income of the publishers.
On Blog Management, you do not have to pay any extra commissions. We do not encourage bidding as we feel it is a highly demeaning activity. You get the price that is set and if your site is good, the advertiser selects the same. End of story.
It is difficult for publishers to scale up their business and increase revenues as they have to do everything manually. Promotions, query generations, making deals, delivery and payment follow-ups with different clients and prospects take a lot of time and effort.
Publishers on Blog Management can think about scaling up their blogging business. They can concentrate on improving the website, start new sites, and explore ways and means of growing in different ways. With getting orders out of the way, there is so much that can be done.

What our Experience brings to the Guest Posting Ecosystem and Industry

As a platform, Blog Management wants to address all of the ten problems that has been listed in the last section. Mashum Mollah and his team realized all these problems exist only after being in the industry for ten years as publishers themselves. Being denied payments multiple times, or being sent copied content was a problem area that led to frustration, despair and anger.

Over the past ten years, Mashum Mollah and his team have worked with over 567+ credible advertisers who pay for guest posts. These are certified and real SEO agencies, brands and authority figures in the ecosystem that purchase guest posts and build backlinks for websites. Publishers on Blog Management benefit when their sites are shared with the advertisers.

Something as simple as publishing content on your website can help you earn more than $1000 per month. Blog Management want to make blogging the most credible ‘Make Money Online’ business on the entire internet. Website owners, publishers and bloggers can expect to receive a stable number of orders from the platform every month.

Blog Management has created an automated platform where publishers are able to save a lot of time, energy and effort. You can list the sites, get automatic updates, receive order, request payment and get the money credited all through their dedicated accounts. The automation helps in making life a lot easier for publishers who can then use the same in enhancing the quality and performance of their websites.

Star Publishers on Blog Management and their Feedback

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"I never imagined that blogging would allow me to make more money than a regular 9-5 job. I have listed any websites on Blog Management and the same has helped me earn upwards of $5000 every month. You get payments whenever you request the admin and not on one specific day or time as other stupid platforms do. I think Blog Management is a revolution when it comes to selling guest posts. This is the platform to join for publishers."
— Nitai Biswas, RedHatMedia

If you want to add your website to Blog Management, you can register yourself at: https://blogmanagement.io/register