Do you get daunted by the fact that YouTube is so competitive? 

Yes, that is partially true! 

With over 600 hours of YouTube content uploaded daily, you compete against a pool of talented creators for viewers or followers. 

But once you know how to promote Your YouTube channel, there is no looking back.  

It would help if you took advantage of the upcoming opportunities to make the most of your YouTube presence and stand out from the crowd. 

In this article, we’ll explain how to Promote Your YouTube Channel in detail, so you can use it to increase viewership. 

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro – our advice on creating a successful YouTube channel can help you stand out and attract potential customers looking for what you offer. 

Additionally, learn more tips and tactics to supercharge your YouTube marketing strategy.

What’s So Special With YouTube?

What’s So Special With YouTube?

YouTube is an essential marketing tool allowing you to promote your products and services to a vast worldwide audience. 

As the second largest search engine, it provides an unparalleled platform for reaching potential customers.

The platform’s sheer size, reach, and low cost makes it a powerful marketing powerhouse. 

The key to YouTube’s success is its ability to reach a large, engaged audience. 

With over 1.9 billion monthly active users and over 5 billion videos watched daily, YouTube’s reach is unparalleled. 

It allows businesses to reach out to their target audiences quickly and easily with content tailored to their specific needs. 

Additionally, YouTube allows businesses to create customized channels, making it easier for viewers to find the content they want. Businesses can promote their YouTube channel and reach their target audience with a well-defined profile. 

You can establish yourself as an authority within your industry through effective content curation and regular updates. 

With its low cost and wide reach, YouTube is a marketing powerhouse that can help businesses promote their products and services. 

10 Hacks To Promote Your YouTube Channel

Before you begin promoting your YouTube channel, you must have a handle on your niche/audience and the YouTube keywords you want to target. If you feel confident in those two areas, here’s how you can promote your YouTube channel without spending a time! 

1. Optimize Your Videos

Optimize Your Videos

Much like searching for products and solutions on Google, YouTube can be a powerful search engine in its own right. 

To maximize your chances of appearing in search results, optimize your content with keywords, tags, and other best practices for YouTube SEO. 

Incorporate target keywords into your titles and descriptions

Experts suggest that speaking out your target keywords in the video can make it easier for YouTube to understand it. 

When ranking a video in its search results, YouTube considers engagement like likes, comments, and views

Categories and tags should also be used to give YouTube more information about your content, but don’t use keyword stuff; use keywords only when it is relevant. Considering these factors aid you in promoting your YouTube channel. 

2. Cross Promote

Cross Promote

You can use one video to help spread the word about other pieces of content. This tactic is called cross-promotion, and the best way to apply it is through features like YouTube cards and end screens.

Viewers may see YouTube cards anywhere throughout a video. These are utilized to recommend other videos relevant to the subject the creator is discussing – like if the content is about YouTube monetization, the card could link to another video about the same topic.

At the end of a video, an interactive outro (end screen) will appear in the last 5-20 seconds. Make the most of it by adding a subscribe button or website link. But the best way to keep viewers clicking for more would be to recommend one more video for them to watch — it doesn’t get easier than that!

3. Engage With Followers

Engage With Followers

This may seem small and easy to disregard when there are many other obligations to fulfill. 

But consider the importance of engaging directly with your followers and the businesses you admire – it’s one of the best ways to ensure cross-promotion of your channels.

Be sure to respond promptly to likes and comments on YouTube and other social media channels. Don’t just thank them, try to start a conversation. Ask viewers what they’d like to see in the next video and if they have any suggestions on making it even better.  

By giving your fans your attention and interacting with them, they are more likely to stay engaged with what you offer and promote your content to their peers. Demonstrating that you’re listening and valuing their input makes them feel appreciated and invested in what your company stands for.

4. Create YouTube Playlists

Create YouTube Playlists

You may not realize it, but playlists are essential to getting re-discovered on YouTube. Sure, they can help viewers browse your channel, but the real value comes when they appear in YouTube Search results. In turn, it helps you promote your YouTube channel. 

Check out the typical YouTube Search page, and you’ll see videos, channels, and even movies alongside playlists, ready for you to filter as desired.

The more videos you build up on your channel, the trickier you can find those that apply to your viewers’ interests. That’s why playlists are essential to help make your channel more navigable. 

Apart from organizing your videos by categories, playlists are handy for quickly providing your viewers with a way to binge content related to their tastes.

You can take any channel for that instance. With many videos covering dozens of topics, subscribers can go directly to the relevant playlists and find what they’re looking for without having to rummage around!

5. Customize Your Thumbnails

Customize Your Thumbnails

Ever wondered if a thumbnail can help you to promote your YouTube channel? 

Designing your thumbnails is one of the most efficient tactics to boost your YouTube channel. Your title and thumbnail should be a powerful combination that captures your viewers’ attention. 

If you don’t create your thumbnails, YouTube will take a screenshot from one part of your video and use it as the thumbnail. 

That blurry shot of you adjusting the camera or transitioning isn’t appealing. Making your thumbnails not only makes your videos stand out but also conveys a professional feel.

Creating Thumbnails doesn’t have to be difficult! Use image creation tools to build a template with fonts and styles that work for you and help make a consistent, on-brand representation. 

6. Run A Contest Or Giveaway

Run A Contest Or Giveaway

Encourage your YouTube followers to engage with your channel by hosting a contest or giveaway. Make entering easy by having people like your video, leave comments, and subscribe to your channel.

Following these best practices for running a social media contest will help you reach a larger audience. 

Be mindful of YouTube’s policies when running promotional activities. Give away a gift related to your brand to draw attention instead of only relying on freebies.

Incorporate user-generated content and other unconventional entry requirements to liven things up. Though, proceed cautiously when organizing regular YouTube contests, as you want to save time, money, and resources. 

Before jumping into another, assess the retained subscribers and engagement rate from the prior one. If it fails to bring interested followers, you likely receive responses from those after the free goodies. 

7. Engagement With Call-To-Action

Engagement With Call-To-Action

At times, actively requesting viewers to take action can be the most effective way to market your videos. In turn, Promote Your YouTube Channel. 

This is more relevant when you think about the heightened presence, and connection video content affords. 

Nonetheless, many people may need to remember to like and subscribe, so a friendly nudge in the video description or even during the video itself is a great suggestion.

If you’re a newer channel, feel free to ask for support directly. It’s an excellent way to keep viewers engaged by asking questions and having them answer in the comments section or directing them to check out another video. You can even link to other videos or provide a link to your site for people to click on. 

8. Collaborate With Other Creators And Brands

Collaborate With Other Creators And Brands

Collaboration is a great technique that some of the largest YouTube stars use to increase their subscribers.

Each partnership with another content creator will grant you access to additional viewers. The best part is that these viewers are more likely to hit that subscribe button since they’re familiar with and have faith in the individual you’re working alongside. 

Finding the right partner for a successful YouTube collaboration should be top of the list. Identifying content creators with shared passions for your brand guarantees a more genuine video experience and increases your chance to Promote Your YouTube Channel. 

If you want to grow via collaboration, here are some helpful tips: 

  • Identify fellow creators with a similar amount of subscribers.
  • Collaborate with people within your niche, develop video ideas together, and decide which video collab style will work best (in person, remote, etc.)
  • Set a feasible publication deadline, and promote every collab once it’s live.

9. Embed Videos On Your Website

Embed Videos On Your Website

Consider adding YouTube videos to various pages if you have a blog or business site. As you decide which videos to incorporate, make sure they align with the message of each page, providing context that helps your readers grasp the nuances. 

For example, you could include a:

  • Tutorial showing how something works.
  • Documentary of your journeys, whether travel, nature, or gardening. 
  • A product testing video to accompany a product review you wrote. 
  • A series of video questions and answers.

10. Paid Campaign

Paid Campaign

You always have the choice to gain more exposure with paid ads and promote your YouTube channel. 

And the platform offers a range of ad forms for you. Growingly, marketing is increasingly becoming more of a pay-to-play activity. 

  • Display Ads: appear to the right of videos, exclusively on desktops. Overlay ads: Desktop users will see these transparent ads at the bottom of the videos. 
  • Skippable And Non-Skippable Video Ads: No matter the format – before, during, or after a video – these ads give viewers the option of either immediately skipping (skippable) or watching through (non-skippable). You can activate the skippable option after five seconds.
  • Bonus Ads: Six seconds in length or less and non-skippable; you must view the mini ads before the video can play. It assists in promoting your products and other content you think viewers would enjoy.

Regarding ad creatives, you can opt for an existing video or craft something new for a particular campaign. By choosing an existing video, you can take advantage of material that’s already been successful, making it easier to amplify the impact via paid ads.

Alternatively, creating a brand new video tailored to a specific campaign makes it easier to control the content, from the call-to-action at the end directing people to a landing page or another video. 

Ready To Promote Your YouTube Channel?

If your search on the web, you’ll find a plethora of information that helps you to promote your YouTube channel. 

But we do not want to bombard you with a lot of information. In this article, our top practitioners have shared 10 hand-picked tips that are already being tested on channels. And it worked tremendously.    

If you diligently follow these steps, there will be no looking back. 

All you need is time, effort, and consistency. 

Are you ready to start your endeavors? 

Out of the 10 strategies mentioned above, what are you applying at first? 
We want you to come off with flying colors. Start taking action and keep us updated.

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